After the success of ‘Magizhchi’, V Gouthaman directs and plays the lead role in ‘Maaveeraa’ produced by V K Production Group


After the hit films ‘Kanave Kalaiyathe’ and ‘Magizhchi’, V Gouthaman has commenced his new movie titled ‘Maveeraa’. Besides directing the film, he is also playing the lead role. This is the maiden production venture of V K Production Group.

Gouthaman, who made the popular novel ‘Thalaimuraigal’ as the movie ‘Magizhchi’, and ‘Santhanakaadu’ mega serial based on Veerappan’s real life incidents, has always given importance to reality based themes. His new venture ‘Maaveera’ is based on the life story of a Mundhirikkaadu (cashew forest) hero who lived to protect the land, women and honour.

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Says the director, “this film will convey the message that it is important to win the heart of the opponent rather than defeating him on the field. At the same time, ‘Maaveera’ will also declare that a war has to be fought if someone behaves with evil intention and adamant attitude that there is no one to question them.”

An action-packed drama packed with exciting scenes, ‘Maaveera’ will have lyrics by ‘Kavipperarasu’ Vairamuthu, while G V Prakash composes the music. Cinematography is by Vetrivel Mahendran, dialogues by Balamurali Varman, editing by Raja Mohammed, fights by ‘Stunt’ Silva, choreography by Dinesh, and public relations by Nikil Murukan.

The list of actors and actresses who are part of this film produced by VK Production Group will be released soon. ‘Maaveera’ is directed by V Gouthaman who is also playing the protagonist. 


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