Allu Ayaan Ask Tough Questions To Apple Siri

Allu Ayaan Ask Tough Questions to Sirish

Star Heroes sharing some adorable pictures, videos of their kids lights up the social media platforms making them viral within a short period of time. Today Stylish Star Allu Arjun‘s wife Allu Sneha Reddy has shared a cute video with her followers in social media where the hero had a fun time along with his son Allu Ayaan. Going into details Allu Arjun was wearing an Apple Watch then his son Allu Ayaan started asking artificial intelligence Siri if it is his own Babai Allu Sirish and the fun conversations continued for a couple of minutes. The star kid Allu Ayaan wrapped up with asking Allu Sirish the most waited answer in Allu household i.e “ When will you get married? “, assuming that Siri is his uncle Allu Sirish.

Allu Sneha Reddy shared the funny video with a post saying that “Apple Siri and Allu Siri don’t have an answer for that “. Have a glimpse of the Allu family fun time and post your thoughts in the comment box folks.


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