Bharatbala’s Manam Lestham Nilustham, A 4 Minute Video Capture Of Beautiful India

Bharatbala's Manam Lestham Nilustham A 4 Minute Video

9 weeks. 1.3 billion humans. Locked down.

A silent nation caught in a time we have never experienced before. The world’s most populated democracy is captive before an unseen threat, the novel coronavirus.

This is a time in the history of post-independence India, WE WILL NEVER FORGET. With “Manam Lestham Nilustham” Bharatbala’s Virtual Bharat commemorates the India lockdown. Uthenge Hum is India’s unbelievable story. A call to every Indian. When the sun rises tomorrow and we have to move forward – We Will Rise.

A Virtual Experience of Bharat:

While Indians across the vast corners of our nation were held captive at home, filmmaker Bharatbala and a devoted team of 117 comprising almost 15 film crews, set out to capture the unseen world of our nationwide lockdown. The crews filmed across 14 states, covering thousands of kilometers, to document this watershed moment of global history. The film spans the extents of the country, from Kashmir to Kerala, Gujarat to Assam. Hardwar to Spiti, Lucknow to Bangalore, Dharavi to Redfort.

A master control room was set up in Mumbai, with a team working round the clock, coordinating with all the crews from across the country. The on-ground crews would be directed live by director Bharatbala himself, confirming the shots and frames with instructions via video call or WhatsApp video. Technology played a key role in this nationwide project brought to life through remote filming. We live in a digital world.

Across the nation across 14 states, our filming was done on Sony and DJI.


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