Choosi Choodangane Movie Review


Title: Choosi Choodangane

CBFC Rating : UA

Run-Time: 1 Hr 53 Min

Release Date: 31-01-2020

Banner: Suresh Productions, Dharmapadha creations

Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma, Malavika Satheesan, Anish Kuruvilla, Pavithra Lokesh, and others

Music: Gopi Sunder

Cinematography: Vedaraman

Editing: Ravi Teja Girijala

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Written and Directed by Sesha Sindhu Rao


Siddhu (Shiva Kandukuri) falls for Aishwarya(Malavika) during his college. But, at the end of their college year, Aishwarya breaks up with Siddhu. Then Siddhu meets Shruthi (Varsha Bollama) later and loves her. When everything goes smooth a sudden incident turns the whole story. What is it? How did the couple overcome the hurdle forms the story?


Shiva Kandukuri in his debut is impressive. The actor has been given a simple and easily accessible role that doesn’t require heavy-duty stuff, but it still needs to be pulled off with aplomb. Shiva Kandukuri does the required with ease. The romantic portions initially, and the emotional breakdown part in the latter part of the second half show his mettle.

Varsha Bollamma and Malavika Satheesan play the female leads. They look superb on screen and share excellent chemistry with Shiva Kandukuri. The former has a more prominent and significant role in the story. She is done well on her part.

Anish Kuruvilla, Pavitra Lokesh, and Gururaj Manepalli are the senior artists in the movie. They all do their parts adequately and add strength to the supporting roles.



Lead Pair Chemistry


Gets slow towards the end


Sesha Sindhu provides story, screenplay, and direction to the movie. The story is simple and straightforward, showcasing the two perspectives of love. The conflict comes through the realization and expression of love.

The director puts the burden entirely on the shoulders of the lead actors to pull through the story. They do a decent job in their acting and helps in sustaining the interest in the movie’s narrative. The director should get the credit in extracting those performances.

The first half is the establishment of the love and post break up scenario. The real energy to the proceedings arrives with the introduction of the character Shruti played by Varsha. The interval provides a pleasant small shock. The second half opens with a bang, and it is maintained for the rest of the narrative with neat emotional drama mixed in between.

The ending is handled simply without too much melodrama. It is done trendily in tune with the rest of the proceedings. Choosi Choodangane is a breezy watch that can be watched with the entire family.

The music by Gopi Sundar is lovely and goes well with the urban feel of the movie. The background score further adds to the feeling. The cinematography by Vedaraman is yuppie, and cool giving fresh and trendy vibes. The editing by Raviteja Girijala keeps the narrative reasonably engaging.

The producer Raj Kandukuri who has delivered a film like ‘Pelli Choopulu’, once again shows his flair in picking a youthful, urbane subject. The making standards are fantastic, and it shows the uncompromising nature of the producer, which needs appreciation.

Bottom-Line: A Fun-Filled Urban Romance

Rating: 3/5


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