Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Got Postponed Again

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Got Postponed

Looks like the fans of director Christopher Nolan fans should wait for a little bit more than expected to watch Tenet at cinema halls as the bad news about the movie postponement is out. As per official reports Tenet is not releasing on Christopher Nolan’s birthday i.e 31st July as Tenet was planned before and it been pushed twelve days because of the increase in the coronavirus positive cases across the world.

Right now Christopher Nolan’s Tenet new worldwide release date is 12th August 2020 and everyone has to wish nothing exhausting happens in the surge of the COVID19 cases and the thriller won’t be postponed for another couple of weeks from the new release date announced by the makers of the film. Recently it was informed that Tenet is releasing in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi languages also showcasing that the Hollywood production house Internet in the Indian market, let’s hope things take a slow phase very soon and with a controlled number of covid19 cases Tenet get a release in India too.


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