Corona Crisis Charity Committee Members

Corona Crisis Charity Committee Members

To aid the film workers especially the daily wage earners Megastar Chiranjeevi has founded the Corona Crisis Charity CCC and requested actors, others from Tollywood to contribute funds. Yesterday itself a whopping 3.8 crores are pooled in and today till now 1 Crore plus funds are donated to #CoronaCrisisCharity and there is no doubt that by end of the day it’s going to be doubled with pouring contributions from all corners of the Tollywood. For a smooth run of the Corona Crisis Charity and to make it reachable to everyone in the Telugu film industry a power committee with seven members from Tollywood is formed for CCC. Below is the names of Corona Crisis Charity members and they can be reached at 9248077790 / 9581900023

1. Tammareddy Bharadwaja
2. D.Suresh Babu
3. C.Kalyan
4. Damu
5. N.Shankar
6. Banerjee
7. Meher Ramesh


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