Dear Comrade Review

Dear Comrade Review

Title: Dear Comrade

CBFC Rating : UA

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 50 Mins

Release Date: 26-07-2019

Banners: Mythri Movie Makers, Big Ben Cinemas

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Suhas and Others

Music: Justin Prabhakaran

Cinematography: Sujith Sarang

Editing: Sreejith Sarang

Producers: Naveen Yerneni, Ravishankar Yalamanchili, Mohan (CVM), Yash Rangineni

Written, Directed by Bharat Kamma

Story :

Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) is a student union leader who is an impulsive person, imbibed with communist ideology. If there is a problem he will fight for it and solve it. What happens when he falls in love with a girl, Lilly (Rashmika Mandanna) and knows she has a problem is the basic story of the movie.


Vijay Deverakonda is terrific as an impulsive and aggressive guy. He gives a natural performance as one would expect from him without ever losing the intensity. There are two shades in his role one being the Comrade and the other is a lover with subtle chemistry and all with the heroine. He is equally at ease in both the parts.

Rashmika Mandanna is terrific as well in what can be said as her career-best act. She is a revelation. The chemistry is already seen in the previous outing together (Geetha Govindam) here we see the more intense side. The second half portions are to be done with great care and proper emotion which is the core of the movie from a female lead perspective. Rashmika pulls off with aplomb. In both ways, she does a fabulous job.

Apart from the main leads the rest of the characters have very small roles. Suhas stands out among them obviously as a friend of the hero. Other actors are adequate.

Highlights :

Vijay Deverakonda –  Rashmika Mandanna’s Pair

Songs & BGM

First Half

Production Values

Drawbacks :

Slow Pace


Bharat Kamma in his directorial venture has come up with a heart-touching and sensitive story. It is nothing new but the way it is presented is what separates it from others of the same kind. There is a strong sense of poeticness that elevates the proceedings.

The basic story is simple, the hero is a type of personality that the heroine detests due to a personal tragedy. Still, there is sure-fire chemistry between them which can’t be undone. It leads to a separation which is painful. All these emotional blocks are expertly handled by newcomer Bharat Kamma.

The small romantic moments during the whole elder sister marriage segment is the heart of the movie. One cant help but fall in love with the lead even though there is nothing happening storywise. The actual story starts in the second half which connects with the title Dear Comrade.

There is a visible shift in tone and also the fresh start of the story seems undeveloped by the end which gives a feeling of little bit dissatisfaction. But, the leads cover that problem as well. They waltz through the narrative with a verve that covers the flaws.

The music and background score fills our hearts with a beautiful feeling. Justin Prabhakaran has done an excellent job with the score that is sure to be his career-best as well. The cinematography by Sujith Sarang is excellent giving a real-life feel that adds to the moments. The editing by Sreejith Sarang could have been a bit tighter.

The production values are exceptional and Naveen Yerneni, Ravishankar Y, Mohan (CVM) of Mythri Movie Makers and Yash Rangineni of Big Ben Cinemas need to be applauded for backing a love story with all the sincerity. It makes a lot of impact in the end on the way we perceive the output.

Bottom line: An Emotional and Heart-Melting Tale

Rating: 3.25/5


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