Geeta Sakshigaa Intense and Gutsy teaser ramps up the Hype


Geeta Sakshigaa is an upcoming emotional and intense drama based on real-life incidents. The film, starring Aadarsh and Chitra Shukla, has piqued everyone’s interest since its announcement. The film’s makers recently revealed a first look poster and a striking motion poster, both of which impressed the audience.

To ramp up the hype, the makers released an intense and gutsy teaser today. The teaser is jam-packed with stunning moments and an arresting background score.

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The makers offered a glimpse of each character and how powerful they will be in the teaser. The teaser confirms that it is going to be an intense court drama, as the title already suggests. The teaser shows actor Aadarsh as a criminal and Chitra Shukla as a lawyer locking horns with Srikanth Iyenger. Actor Aadarsh ended the teaser with a powerful dialogue and a showcase of his chiselled body.

The teaser has wowed everyone with its powerful performers, stunning visuals, and terrific BGM. It appears that the creators of Geeta Sakshigaa are now offering content-oriented subject to the audience that’s based on real-life incidents.

With interesting teaser and a talented ensemble that includes Srikanth Iyengar, Roopesh Shetty, Bharani Shankar, Jayalalitha, Anitha Chowdary, Raja Ravindra, and many other well-known actors, the film has captured everyone’s interest.

Anthony Mattipalli wrote the screenplay and wielded the megaphone for the film. Chetan Raj wrote the story for the film, which he produced under Chetan Raj films banner. Pushpak and JBHRNKL present the film. Venakt Hanuma Nariset is in charge of cinematography, and Kishore Maddali is in charge of editing. Gopi Sundar, a sensational musician, is composing the music.

Cast & Crew:
Story – Producer : Chetan Raj
Screenplay – Direction : Anthony Mattipalli
Music : Gopisundar
Cinematography : Venkat Hanuma
Editor : Kishore Maddali
Lyrics : Rehaman
Art : Nani
Dance : yeswanth – Anish
Fights – Prudhvi

Ensemble Talented Cast includes:
Chitra Sukla
Roopesh Shetty
Srikanth Iyengar
Bharani Shankar
Jayashree S Raj
Anitha Chowdary
Raja Ravindra
Srinivas IAS


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