Homable Films Humble Gesture In Covid-19 Times


India is going through a challenging time due to the global pandemic Covid-19. With businesses shutting, the common man suffered the most. Also, people, who got infected, struggled to get beds and oxygen in hospitals.

The film industry is also one of the worst hits of pandemic restrictions. With film shootings and releases getting stalled, cine workers suffered dearly. In order to help the struggling cine works, India’s leading production house Hombale Films has stepped up.

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Hombale has set up two oxygen plants and 20 oxygen bed facilities in Mandya, Karnataka with an estimated cost of Rs 2 crore. To all the associations within the Telugu film chamber, Hombale made a contribution of Rs 35 Lakh which has helped 3200 members.

Not just this, for the crew of their upcoming mega-budget film ‘Salaar’ Hombale, showed its true gesture. The 150 membered crew, were given Rs 5000 each as aid and this helped to gather the essential groceries even though it was just a 10 days work of shoot.

Last year the production house, provided assistance of Rs 5000 for two months to nearly 350 cine laborers.

This help was the need of the hour and Hombale believes that industry is a family that needs to support each other during testing times.


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