Kona Venkat Clarifies About Nishabdham Release In OTT Platform

Kona Venkat Clarifies About Nishabdham Release In OTT Platform

Nishabdham is one of the most anticipated movies in South Indian for various reasons starting from its casting with talented actors like Anushka Shetty, Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madsen, and a strong technical team backing up the film. Nishabdham Movie was supposed to get released in summer and because of the unexpected coronavirus pandemic the movie has further pushed from its release.

A lot of speculations are surrounded about the release of Nishabdham in the OTT platform and director Hemant Madhukar has clarified that his film will have a theatrical release instead of a direct online release. Even though gossips about Nishabdham going for a direct digital release didn’t stop and today the movie producer Kona Venkat has opened regarding the speculations.

Kona Venkat informed that Nishabdham theatrical release is their first priority and if the situations are not favorable for a long time then the alternative solution would be going for an OTT platform along with hoping for the best in the coming days. With his tweet, Kona Venkat has kept an end to all the speculations that are surrounded by the release of Nishabdham movie in the OTT platform and theatrical release.


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