Maharshi Trailer Packs A Solid Punch


The most anticipated trailer of Super Star Mahesh Babu’s “Maharshi” is revealed by the makers as promised and without any doubt, this two minutes thirty-two seconds video hints one more blockbuster for the hero. Director Vamsi has started with a dialogue exploring the character of Rishi as

“Eleddamanukuntunna Sir ,
Enti ?
Prapanchanni Eleddamanukuntunna Sir “

Next frame showcases the successful empire created by Rishi with lavish grandeur of his lifestyle starting from the private yacht to private flights to Rolls Royce cars. Undoubtedly Mahesh Babu is looking like a billion bucks in those shots with most stylish costumes ever seen before.

Then it moves on to explore the other side of Mahesh Babu from his engineering days where Allari Naresh and Pooja Hegde characters are introduced. The humor of the superstar can be sensed with a line as “Ammai coffee ki pilichindanii… life risk cheyalem ga”. Audiences can expect entertainment in this phase with Vennela Kishore, other character doing their comedy job to evoke laughs and Mahesh looks fresh in his beard look.

The much-needed emotional part of the family with Prakash Raj, Jayasudha is shown and the quick decision-making phases for Mahesh with “Odipotham ani aatalo dhigithe eppatiki gelavalem….” dialogue builds up the mood.

Later Jagapathibabu making his entry into the frame and the powerful lines from Mahesh “Odipovatam Naku Bhayam Aa Bhayam thone ikkadidaka vacha..” seals the deal next followed by a high voltage action shot. The trailer of Maharshi ends with a surprise element of Mahesh stepping into the fields along with farmers and it will be interesting to watch what spin the director has given with this angle in the movie.

As a whole, with the film trailer, Mahesh Babu and his Maharshi team are ready to impress every section of audiences and it can be clearly seen. Maharshi storyline is exposed to a large extent, production values are top class and the technical brilliance is evident in every single frame be it music, camera, lighting, cast, especially powerful dialogues, and quick one-liners. Guys get ready to book your tickets on 9th May and start the summer vacation with the family on a high entertaining note.


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