Mallesham Trailer – Entertaining Realistic Biopic


The trailer of actor Priyadarshi Pulikonda upcoming film “Mallesham” is released online by its makers and it gave the vibe of an Entertaining Realistic Biopic. Director Raj R is going to give a memorable visual experience to the audiences making special a place for himself in Tollywood with his debut movie. Starting the Mallesham trailer on an attractive note in a cinematic style narration in then exploring the key steps in the life of weaver Chintakindi Mallesham from his love story to his personal struggles until he invents the aus machine is showcased in an interesting manner in just two minutes thirty-seven seconds of video.

The entire plotline of the Malleshma movie is disclosed in the trailer along with the introduction of prime characters to the audiences. From the launch time, Mallesham movie team are kept saying that the rural Telangana that is never seen from a long time and the culture, festivals that are forgotten by the current generation will be shown in their film. With the Mallesham trailer the director and his team ‘s hard work and research, they have done on the biopic can be sensed in every frame.

For sure Mallesham is going to be a life-changing movie in the film career of Priyadarshi and everyone related to this project will feel proud of themselves for being part of a biopic of an extraordinary person. Don’t get into the convulsion that its s art film, Mallesham has all the essentials formulas of a proper commercial film that includes comedy, family emotions, hardship faced by the hero and how he lives up to all the challenges before winning a Padma Shri award for his work. So, hold your thought until Mallesham film releases on 21st of June, 2019. Till then watch the trailer of Mallesham and comment your opinion below folks.


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