Suriya Fans Created History

Demigod worship for film heroes is very high especially in the south film industry and the Tamil hero fans go to any extent to show their admiration towards their favorite hero. Tamil hero Suriya fans created history by building the tallest cut out for a hero in India and the internet is abuzz with this rare feat. Going into details Tiruttani Suriya Fort fans association has announced a few weeks back that they are going to giving a special gift to their hero Suriya before the release of his NGK movie this month.

Now a day before the release of NGK film Tiruttani Suriya Fort fans association have revealed the 215 feet cut-out of hero Suriya through their social media account. Tomorrow around 4 pm hero Suriya 215 feet cut-out will be allowed for public viewing. The previous record for the tallest cut-out was with Anjith that’s was 190 feet made for “Viswasam” movie, then Vijay cut-out for Sarkar was 175 feet tall, for Sivakarthikeyan “Seema Raja” film the cutout was 90 feet and finally, the last place in the tallest cut-out section is for Dhanush’s “Vada Chennai” flick that is 80 feet tall.

A lot of high expectations are laid on Suriya’s NGK that is going to get released on 31st of May, 2019 from all sections of audiences. There are many positive factors starting from a strong technical team to talented actors in NGK movie team. Even the promotions are being made on very aggressively and he is personally spending more time giving interviews to print, electronic and online media. Let’s wish Suriya doesn’t disappoint this time and score a hit at the box office with NGK.


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