Manmadhudu 2 Review


Story :

Samba Siva Rao, aka Sam (Nagarjuna), is a perfume maker who doesn’t like the concept of marriage and taking care of kids. He lives and cares for himself. One day when his family led by mother forces him to marry, Sam (Nagarjuna) brings a young girl before them acting like would-be. However, there is a sinister plan behind that which comes with unexpected twists? What is the idea and why does Avanthika (Rakul Preet Singh) agree to the contract is the basic plot of the movie.
Akkineni Nagarjuna is in fine form and plays it to the gallery as Sam. There are many moments which make it clear that only he could have pulled off that role even though it appears very basic on the surface. The cool and stylish factor is carried throughout effortlessly by him.  
Rakul Preet Singh gets to do a role with substance. Her part is also as crucial to the narrative as the hero. She starts off as a regular heroine part, but it gets better and better in the second half. The last half an hour entirely relies on her acting, and she delivers. The dining table sequence followed by the outburst on Nagarjuna, are some of the best acting scenes in the actor’s career.
Apart from the main leads, the movie is filled with richly experienced artists that include the veteran Lakshmi. After Oh Baby!, the senior actor has got another rewarding part that has great importance and acting moments resting on her.
Then there is Vennela Kishore, which is present throughout the movie besides the hero. He is in excellent form and makes many punches work even when it is a deadpan expression. The loud ones register instantly, though, as the interval sequence. Manmadhudu 2 is another memorable addition to his list of impressive comic acts. Rao Ramesh, Jhansi, and Devadarshini are apt in their roles which have a brief but strong impact.
Vennela Kishore
First Half
Gets a little slow at times
Rahul Ravindran who surprised everyone with his debut flick Chi La Sow is back with Manmadhudu 2. It is a challenge for him to direct a star hero so early in his career. Rahul Ravindran has shown that he can do that with considerable ease.
Right from the first scene, and a few minutes into the narrative, we know where Manmadhudu 2 is headed. The bonding between the two actors, Nagarjuna and Vennela Kishore, the writing and the scene, everything establishes the tone of the movie perfectly.
The comedy is unique and fresh with a very urban appeal. It is gutsy to come up with such effort involving a top star and Rahul Ravindran, and Nagarjuna must be appreciated for going ahead with it. There is also a high dose of classiness to it as well, which makes it delightful further.
The first half is filled with entertaining moments that come non-stop. In between, there are a few emotional parts as well, which gives the whole narrative a balanced feeling that appeals to a broader segment.
It is in the second half that Manmadhudu 2 takes a dramatic turn. The emotional graph is neatly segued into the proceedings without sticking out. However, a couple of scenes feels very lengthy and predictable, which slackens the pace and reduce the edginess of the proceedings. The climax works out superbly and carries good emotion.
Manmadhudu 2 is a delightful rom-com with just enough drama to tug the hearts. The casting and the writing make it a worthwhile effort.
The music by Chaitan Bharadwaj is excellent. The song ‘Hey Manina’ is lovely and instantly catchy. The background score adequately enhances the appeal of the movie. The cinematography by M Sukumar is beautiful. It captures the Portuguese locations in picture-perfect manner. The editing by Chota K Prasad and B Nageshwar Reddy is excellent.
The producers Akkineni Nagarjuna, P Kiran are need to be appreciated for backing a movie like Manmadhudu 2. Many times we assume different films to be a certain kind like ‘dark’ and ‘realistic’ with content not seen before. The same can be said of comedy as well, and they can be edgy like is the case with Manmadhudu 2.

Bottom-line: Romantic Family Entertainer

Rating 3/5


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