“Mass Movie Makers” Producers Gifted A Car To ‘Baby’ Film Director Sai Rajesh


Director and producer Sai Rajesh recently made headlines after his film ‘Color Photo’ won the National Award for Best Feature Film Telugu at the 68th National Film Awards. The film was released directly on aha OTT in the year 2020, and it received great success and appreciation.

Sai Rajesh is now working on his upcoming film “Baby,” which stars Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin, and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. Under the banner of Mass Movie Makers, SKN and filmmaker Maruthi partnered to produce this film.

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The filming of ‘Baby,’ which is being created as a new age love story, is nearing completion. The music for this film is being composed by Vijay Bulganin. So far, the posters for the film “Baby” have raised expectations for this intriguing film. The film’s first single and teaser will be released soon. Following that, the film’s official release date will be revealed.

Producers S.K.N and Maruthi were impressed by Director Sai Rajesh’s brilliant directorial of “Baby.” Both producers gifted the director a luxury MG Hector car. This wonderful gesture from the producers, even before the film’s release, has won many hearts on social media.

Usually, gifts are given after the film’s successful release. However, giving a present during in the post-production stage before the release is rare. However, the producers, SKN and Maruthi, are confident about the film and it’s success. Prominent Producer SKN who scored super hits with films like Ee Rojullo, Taxiwala and Manchi Rojulochaie is aiming for another blockbuster with the film Baby.


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