Nandamuri Lion BalaKrishna Grand Birthday Celebrations In Tirupathi


On the occasion of Balakrishna’s 64th birthday in Tirumala, TTD Ex Board member NTR Raju Garu and family struck 664 coconuts, lit 5 kg of camphor and performed pujas near Akhiland in Tirumala and prayed to Lord Venkateshwarlu Swamy that Balayya should be in perfect health.

State Media Coordinator Sridhar Verma said: As NTR Raju’s son, I got a lot of respect and also as a fan of Nandamuri. On the occasion of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s birthday today, on behalf of our family, we wish him a very happy birthday. I wish Nandamuri Balakrishna garu to have many more birthday celebrations like this, he should be in good health, he should do service programs for all the Telugu people all over the world, I wish him success in whatever he does, his birthday is like a festival for us.

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Sridhar Verma is the State Media Coordinator


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