“Narayana With Four” First Look Poster Launch


How a girl traveled with four boys. Why did she meet them? What happened between them is Narayana GLB Srinivas presenting the film under the banner of Ion Arts with Ranjit Rachakonda, Siddhartha, Vamsidhar, Jai Sampath as the heroes and Ram As Kumar as the heroine with Ram Yas Kumar as the heroine. God is the direction. The first look poster and trailer of the film were released by Shri Kalvakunta Ravinder Rao, who was the chief guest at the Film Chamber in Hyderabad.

Kalvakunta Ravindra Rao, who was the chief guest, said … Narayana with four is very happy to release the first look of the film. When the director told the story, it seemed that there were plenty of things that a good youth could want. The film wanted to be a big solid success.

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Filmmaker MD Aslam said, “I used to do” Everything Weird “with this director. Now I have done ‘Narayana with Fours’ again. The film came out well. As soon as this movie was over he was telling me the story of “24 Hours” with a new concept. We liked the story and gave the opportunity to the third film under the same banner. The film which gave good entertainment to the youth came out well.

Film director Ram Yas Kumar said. Newcomers to this new concept that we thought of were selected as Correct. The dialogues in this film are shot with a single meaning but it feels like a double meaning. But every scene is understandable. Every viewer who has seen our film will happily enjoy it. I am very happy to have completed two films under this banner. Thanks to the producer who gave me the opportunity to make the third film under the same banner on the occasion of my birthday today. He said he wants everyone to embrace and bless our film which is coming forward to the audience soon.

Hero Ranjith Rachakonda said .. The film comes with good content. The director and producers of this film have given the opportunity to the actors in Telangana.

Hero Jai Sampath says. This movie will make the youth think. Taken in good locations.
The director said that he was thankful to the producers for giving him the opportunity to act in the film.

Songwriter Ravi Mulakalapally said .. The film comes with good entertainment. There are four songs in the film. I would like to thank the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to write all the songs.

Ranjit Rachakonda, Siddhartha, Vamsidhar, Jai Sampath, Neha, Ajay Kumar, Shiva

Banner: – Ion Arts
Submission: – GLB Srinivas
Producer: – MD Aslam
The story, dialogues, screenplay direction: – Ram Kumar YS
Songs: -Ravi Mulakalapally
Music: – Harsha Praveen
Editor: – Revolution
Choreographer: – Uma Shankar


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