Natyam Teaser Launched By Jr NTR


Young Tiger NTR launched the Teaser of the upcoming film Natyam starring Kuchipudi dancer, Sandhya Raju, Directed by Revanth Korukonda

During the teaser launch event, Jr.NTR who was amazed by the teaser said
“Telugu audience has big heart, they don’t differentiate big movies and small movies. if they like the film, they will always bless and encourage new talents”

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The Natyam Teaser lived up to its name literally and it been liked by the audience with glimpses of mystical temples, vast landscapes of Hampi, exquisite dance choreographies extravagant production design, sets and costumes amidst which all the characters of the story seem to be woven in like shimmering gems on a silk cloth that is the screenplay of the Movie Natyam.

Talented Debutant Revanth Korukonda has arrived in Tollywood with a strong product. Proving his confidence over his story and craft. He created this mesmerizing universe single-handedly. He is not only the writer and director of Natyam but also the cameraman and editor behind this Classical Dance based Saga. He is truly a director to look out for in the future!

Sandhya Raju the beautiful and talented Kuchipudi Dancer shines throughout the teaser with her graceful dance and attractive screen presence. This multi-talented young lady is not only a debutant actress in Tollywood but has worked behind the cameras as the film’s costume designer, production designer, and lead choreographer for the dances!

It has been decades since Tollywood has created a classical Dance based film although it is a genre that has been extraordinarily successful in winning the Telugu audience’s hearts in the past.

Hence, Witnessing the coming of a classical dance-based film and on such a scale of production values is truly a moment of joy and pride for the Telugu community across the world.

The melodious and addictive songs balance classical and cinematic Flavours. They have been composed by the mostly undiscovered musical gem of Tollywood Shravan Baradwaj.

The movie will be released in theatres by Dil Raju and has been produced by Sandhya Raju under her banner Nishrinkala Films.


Kamal Kamaraj, Rohit Behal, Aditya Menon, Bhanu Priya, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Baby Deevena in prominent roles.

Technical Crew: Release by Dil Raju Releases ( Sri Venkateswara Films)
Producer: Nishrinkala Films
Script – Camera – Edit & Direction: Revanth Korukonda
Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj
Lyrics: Karunakar Adigarla
Art Director: Mahesh Upputuri
Production & Costume Designer: Sandhya Raju
Choreographer: Sandhya Raju
Colorist: M.Raju Reddy
sound mixing: KrishnamRaju
SFX: Sync Cinemas
Production Manager: Valmiki Srinivas
VFX: Thunder Studios


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