Palasa 1978 Movie Review

Palasa 1978 review

Title: Palasa 1978

CBFC Rating : A

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 24 Min

Release Date: 06-03-2020

Banner: Sudhas Media, Media 9 Creative Works

Cast: Rakshit, Raghu Kunche, Nakshatra and others

Music: Raghu Kunche

Cinematography: Vincent Arul

Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Producers: Dhyan Atluri

Written and Directed by Karuna Kumar


The story runs in the year 1978 in ‘Palasa’ village located at Srikakulam District. Guru Murthy (Raghu Kunche) and his elder brother Shavukar (Jenny) runs the show in the locality with their muscle power and treats lower caste people inhumanely. Two brothers, Mohan Rao (Rakshit) and his elder brother Ranga Rao from backward caste get caught in the feud between Guru Murthy and his brother. What happens to them and did they managed to get out of it forms the story.


Rakshit suits well in an intense role, and he made most out of it with his compelling performance. Nakshatra did the role of a regular heroine who supports her love, and hero. She is adequate in that role.

Singer, Music Director Raghu Kunche, who also composed music for this film has played the villain role stands as one of the highlights with his menacing act. Thiruveer who did the role of elder brother to hero shines with his intense performance. The remaining actors are okay and did their part.


Engaging Screenplay
First Half
Background Score


Regular Plot
Gets slow at times in Second Half


First of all, Director Karuna Kumar deserves appreciation for writing and making a raw and rustic intense drama with a realistic approach. He took enough care about not turning the film as a docu-drama by blending some commercial elements. He perfectly balanced the fine line while making such a hard-hitting film. The detailing and the slang of each and every actor talks bring the much-needed authenticity to the film. He showed his mark right from the beginning and introducing the characters in the movie.

Though the film has a regular known story, that how weak yet good people win over a strong evil force, but this time it is narrated in caste angle. Also, despite the fact that the film is running in a realistic setup, the director succeeds in maintaining interest with his engaging screenplay. But, the film seems slightly dragged in the second half due to a longer duration. The intense, gripping drama will keep us glued to the film.

Music by Raghu Kunche is good, and his BGM stands out. He has given terrific BGM throughout the film and uplifted many scenes. A few local folk’s songs used are neatly incorporated into the narrative and are impactful. The cinematography by Vincent Arul is excellent. He perfectly sets the mood for a gritty thriller in a periodic setup. He captures the locales quite well. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is neat. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupala are terrific.

Presenter Thammareddy Bharadwaj and Producer Dhyan Atluri deserve a special mention for their choice and for backing such a unique subject which is the need of the hour. They have made this film like any big movie with superb production values. Their uncompromised attitude resulted in a quality product that will be remembered for ages.

Bottom-Line: Impressive Realistic & Intense Drama

Rating: 3/5


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