Prasanth Varma Opens About Awe2

Prasanth Varma

Creative filmmaker Prasanth Varma has made his debut as a director with the psychological thriller film “Awe” in the year 2018 and it has won the hearts of the film critics as well as the movie buffs. Awe has even won two awards in the 66th National Awards in the category of Best Special Effects, Best Make-Up and it’s a first time Telugu film that received a national award along with recognition in those segments.

Creative filmmaker Prasanth Varma has given an open ending to Awe hinting of a sequel and audiences were waiting for Awe2 for a while and also time to time news about the second part is popped up in media. Today the young talented director Prasanth Varma has given clarity and opened up loud and clear about Awe2 Movie with a post in his social media account as

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“For everyone who’s been asking me about #Awe2…thank you so much for your interest in the project. I have finished writing the script almost a year back and it’s much crazier than #Awe. But, I couldn’t find a producer whose craziness matches that of the scripts. Trust me guys. I really tried. So it happens when it happens”


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