Ram Gopal Varma Wrote And Sung Coronavirus Song

Ram Gopal Varma Wrote And Sung Coronavirus Song

Director Ram Gopal Varma can never hold himself from a tweet about any small controversial and now in the coronavirus outbreak across the world has made the director even more proactive in the social media making back to back posts during this 21 days lockdown down period. Extending his thoughts, opinions about the COVID19 director Ram Gopal Varma has inked a song along with singing it flashing light on the dangerous virus. RGV released the Promo of “Kanipinchani Purugu Corona “ song during the wee hours of today through his social media platform and tweeted about it as

“ ఇది కరోనా వైరస్ పైన నేనే రాసి,పాడిన “కనిపించని పురుగు” అనే పాట ప్రోమో…చెవులకి మాస్క్ తొడుక్కొని వినండి. మొత్తం పాట రేపు సాయంత్రం 5.30 కి స్ప్రే చేయబోతున్నాను”

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Kanipinchani Purugu Corona Promo released yesterday and full song will be unveiled today evening at 5 pm by director Ram Gopal Varma and will be uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the director. This is not the first time RGV sung a song but for the first time he has done something out of movie context and has become the talk of the town yet again with his song on coronavirus.


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