Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus Film Trailer Is Intriguing

Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus Film Trailer

Director Ram Gopal Varma likes to be in the news and he makes sure to steal the thunder from anyone irrespective of the situation that’s happening around the world. Yesterday RGV has surprised all by tweeting that he has made a feature film called “CORONAVIRUS “, it was entirely filmed during the lockdown period and the actors, the crew kept the social distancing, other norms from spreading of the COVID19.

Coronavirus is the world’s first film on the dangerous virus proving that creativity can’t be locked down even in the lockdown imposed by the government of India and the COVID19 trailer is released online a few moments back by RGV.

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The first thing that grabs everyone’s attention about Coronavirus trailer is the sound design of the featured film than the lighting used by the camera department to make it look very realistic as it’s happening right in front of your eyes and the final thing is the human emotions of a family in the fear of the coronavirus that appears like a mirror reflection of the current scenario in majority of the houses holds across the globe.

Coronavirus movie is directed by Agasthya Manju of Lakshmi’s NTR movie fame, while the music is composed of DSR and it is produced by CM Creations. Coronavirus trailer mentions it’s a Ram Gopal Varma film of Agasthya Manju direction and the senior director will reveal his contribution to the movie soon.


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