‘Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamga’ Is A Family Entertainer For All Age Groups – Heroine Ketika Sharma


Youthful Family Entertainer ‘Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga’, starring Vaisshnav Tej in the lead, and Ketika Sharma as the female lead is gearing up to hit the screens on September 2nd. Ketika Sharma talks about his co-star, director, film, and more.

About Learning Experiences In The Industry

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Every movie is a learning experience. By doing ‘Romantic’, I learned that you have to connect with the unit of the film so that it becomes a super fun experience. Working on the film then feels smooth. In a workspace, you should be working with people with a healthy attitude. ‘Lakshya’ was my second movie. I got to learn about camera angles, the effect of lighting, etc. It was a nice experience. The lukewarm response to the two films didn’t disappoint me.

About Taking Failures

I don’t get too attached to the result. Of course, every actor wants every movie of theirs to do well. I should love my movies first. I loved my character in ‘Lakshya’. I don’t like to worry about anything that is not in my control. I am selective in choosing scripts.

About Working For Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamga

‘RRV’ is my third outing and I am confident everyone is going to love it. This movie has got a large cast. How to work with so many actors at once was a learning experience. I love acting and it is my passion. I get up every day to act, follow my dreams, and live my passion. Naveen Chandra played my brother in the movie. He is an exceptional performer. 

About Hero Vaisshnav Tej

Vaisshnav Tej is one of my dearest friends. I am happy that I have found a friend in him. Naveen Chandra calls us Tom and Jerry. We trouble each other in fun ways. I have fun poking him. And we pulled each other’s legs always. He has a humble air around him. What I like the most about him is that he is simple and relatable. That makes him more acceptable.

About Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamga

‘Romantic’ was a youthful movie. ‘Lakshya’ was a sports-based one. And ‘RRV’ is a family entertainer that you can watch with the entire family. You will enjoy it watching with your family. It has everything for all age groups.

About The Role

Radha is the name of my character in ‘RRV’. She is a very loving, honest girl. She is a balance between pragmatism and emotion. Her love life is one thing. Her career is one thing. Her family life is one thing. She puts her heart into everything that she does. I relate to her. She is a lovely and relatable girl that way. I am sure my character will be loved by the family audience. She is a sweet ‘pakkinti ammayi’. They are going to want a friend like Radha, a sister like Radha, a girlfriend like Radha, and a daughter like Radha.

About Songs

We have about 4-5 songs. There are no dance numbers as such. The title track, which has got steps, is not an out-and-out dance number. It has got a hook step and that’s all. When it comes to dancing, Vaisshnav Tej is a bit coy. But it was fun shooting with him. We shot in the beautiful Araku Valley. Shobu Master worked with us and it was great.

About Family Background

My parents are doctors. They wanted me to become a doctor. I have played a doctor in ‘RRV’ and told my father that he gets to see me ‘live’ his dream (laughs). I studied in a boarding school. In college, I opted for Arts. Many elders in my family are doctors and so, I told my parents I would rather become an actor. I was always fascinated by the thought of seeing myself on the big screen. Thank you, God, I am on the big screen today! My parents are so happy, they are so supportive.

About Handling Criticism

I don’t read comments about me on social media. There must be compliments and criticisms both. But I don’t have the habit of following them. If there are constructive criticisms, I always work on them. At the end of the day, we make films for the audience. I am welcoming healthy feedback.

About Upcoming Projects

Official announcements about my upcoming movies in Telugu are yet to be made. As such, I can’t speak about them. I am not doing any OTT project. Right now, my focus is on feature films. I am open to other formats, though, provided something exceptional comes my way. I would love to do a biopic. Invariably, biopics are made only on legends. When you are doing a biopic, it is the most challenging thing an actor can get to play.


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