First Day First Show Is A Full-on Comedy Entertainer – Heroine Sanchita Bashu


Comedy Entertainer ‘First Day First Show’ penned by Jathi Rathnalu fame director Anudeep KV Presented by Poornodaya Movie Creations under the Production of Srija Edida. The film will release in theatres on September 2nd. Heroine Sanchita Bashu who is making her acting debut talks about her background and about the FDFS movie.

About Whereabouts

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I am from Bihar. I made videos and clips as a TikTok star. I got selected for ‘FDFS’ based on one such video after the makers of ‘FDFS’ contacted my manager. While not many actors from Bihar are there down South, there are many Biharis in the Hindi film industry, (late) Sushant Singh Rajput being one of them.

About Family Support And Academics

My mother supported my dreams a lot from the beginning. I have always been interested in acting since childhood. I am studying 12th Class currently. I will be continuing my studies. Academic qualification is quite important. I will be doing graduation starting mid-2023. I have got 2.1 million followers on Instagram. My followers are excited about my feature film debut, ‘FDFS’.

About Working In a Telugu Film

Since I don’t know Telugu, I was very nervous on the first day of the shoot. But the directors (Vamsidhar Goud and Lakshmi Narayana P) of ‘FDFS’ and writer Anudeep KV sir made me feel very comfortable. Everyone encouraged me a lot on set. Both the directors were equally fun to work with.

About The Role

As for my character, she is traditional, a girl who lived in the 2000s. Laya is a shy girl and is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan sir. On the first day of her college, she tells the hero that she wants to watch the FDFS of ‘Kushi’. In Bihar, everyone watches Telugu movies as Hindi-dubbed versions. I did watch ‘Kushi’ after bagging ‘FDFS’.

About Anudeep

I watched Anudeep sir’s ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ and I enjoyed it a lot. The director of that movie has written ‘FDFS’. Like ‘JR’, this movie, too, is a full-on comedy.

About Working With Stars

I want to work with the likes of Dhanush sir, Allu Arjun sir, and Prabhas sir. I like their work. I want to do films that the family audience will love to watch. When you are stressed out, comedy films are the best bet. So, I want to do comedies as well.



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