RGV’s Naked Is Only 22 Minutes Long

RGV’s Naked Is Only 22 Minutes Long

Director Ram Gopal Varma is creating strong waves in social media platforms with his next online release “Naked” that will be available for viewers for all from 27th June 2020 at 9 pm in RGV World as well as in Shreyas ET app and today he has revealed key details about the erotic thriller with his tweet a few moments back.

RGV has mentioned that Naked movie length is 22 minutes long and viewers have to pay Rs 200 per view and informed its two times thrilling than his last flick CLIMAX that has Rs 100 pay per click model for the viewers to experience another film from the RGV world.

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Recent released Naked trailer has topped the trending in YouTube hinting the urge for the movie buffs to watch it online and Naked is going to be released in Telugu, Hindi too.

This time director Ram Gopal Varma has cast a Telugu girl Sweety as the female lead for his film Naked and she is from Devarapalli in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh and RGV has also ensured another movie for Sweety in his production house. RGV has tweeted more details about Naked streaming and premiere as

“ The film NAKED is 22 minutes long and releasing 27th June 9 pm on RGVWorld.in/ShreyasET
RGVWorld.Uscreen.io and
YouTube.com/RGV NAKED is Rs 200/- per view which is Rs 100 more than CLIMAX #NNN “


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