Superstar Mahesh Reveals His Clothing Line Humbl


A couple of days back Super Star Mahesh Babu has hinted that his upcoming clothing line through his social media account. Today Mahesh Babu has opened about his clothing line “The Humble Co” and announced that he is going to unveil his Humbl endeavour today. The Superstar has also hinted about the launch date of the clothing line to his followers.

Mahesh Babu shared the happy news with the world as,

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“Our Humbl endeavour unveils today. Thank you all for the astounding response 🤗🤗 For us, The Humbl Co. is not just clothing, it’s a way of life. We welcome you all to the @thehumblco family. Stay tuned for the launch on 7th August! #theHUMBLco”

Stars like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood have their own fashion labels. Superstar Mahesh Babu is surely going to make it big in the South with his “The Humbl Co”. So folks, get ready to “DRESS LIKE A DREAM LIVE REAL” with Mahesh Babu’s “The Humble Co” clothing line in few more days.


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