Today Hygiene Is Collective Social Responsibility – Boyapati Srinu

Boyapati srinu on social responsibility

The world is fighting with Corona Virus Pandemic and We have been facing it since the last ten days. It’s getting more serious day by day. I want to share an important message regarding that. Indian traditions and lifestyle inspires the world. Our food habits and healthy lifestyle is the treasure our ancestors gave us. Everyone knows well that we have a solution for any big problem in our ancestral science itself. Not only Coronavirus, We can fight with anything. All we have to do is follow our traditions in a disciplined manner. Hygiene is necessary but today it is a collective social responsibility everyone must follow. Leaders of many countries, Our Honourable Prime Minister Modi Garu saying that to stay at home and restrict the spread of Corona. As our is a densely populated country, It will be tough to handle once the situation escalates. I request everyone to follow their instructions and support them. Let us all contribute and become a part of saving our country. I am once again reiterating that hygiene is once a necessity but now it is a collective social responsibility. Please follow the precautions.

Boyapati Srinu

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