Unstoppable Saaho Teaser Record


Pan Indian Star Prabhas most awaited Saaho teaser is released yesterday and it has hit the internet like a storm. As expected, new records of the views have kick-started from the minute Saaho teaser got out. It has become the fasted one million likes in YouTube for the Saaho teaser. Then in twelve hour’s time span, Saaho teaser has clocked a massive record-breaking 40 million-plus digital views.

When the clock ended for the 24 hours mark, Saaho teaser has become the most viewed and liked teaser in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam film industry. As per official reports, Saaho teaser has made an unbreakable record of 60 million plus digital views across all the four languages in 24 hours.

If we go with the YouTube statics reports Saaho Telugu teaser received 13 million plus views with 456k likes. Hindi teaser made 22.6 million plus views with 639k likes, turning out highest in the four languages. Then the Tamil Saaho teaser got 8.2 million plus view with 120k likes and then the Malayalam Saaho teaser generated 0.87 million views along with 60k likes.

So, the final scorecard in the YouTube for Saaho teaser is 45 million plus views with 1.27 million likes. With this remarkable number of views, Sahoo teaser has got the all-time record in the teaser views for a hero in the Indian film industry in a single day. These number shows the craze and high anticipation film enthusiasts have for Saaho film and Prabhas in the global market.


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