Vijay Devarakonda Joins Voice to “Save Nallamala” Campaign

Vijay Deverakonda Urges To Save Nallamala

Vijay Devarakonda is someone who is always concerned about public issues. During the promotions of the movie Dear Comrade, he made his voice heard about the ongoing water problem in the Telugu states. Now, he also made his stand straight and clear regarding the online campaign, ‘Save Nallamala’

The government has given approval for Uranium mining in Nallamala forests which is a big threat to nature. A lot of film personalities, celebrities, and common people are fighting to stop this. Vijay too joined them now.

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“We have destroyed our lakes, flooded our states, caused drought in others, polluted most of our drinking water sources. The quality of our air is deteriorating everywhere, while multiple cities are running out of water, to drink, brush, shower, wash, everything. And we continue to justify destroying any small good that is left. Next in line are the lush green Nallamala forests. If all you want is non-renewable source like Uranium -buy it.. Uranium konokovachu – Forests konnocha? If we can’t afford it, develop renewable solar energy, put solar panels on every rooftop, make it compulsory. For anyone trying to justify it – WTF will we do with Uranium and electricity when we don’t have breathable air and drinkable water.” posted Vijay on social media.


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