Vishal’s Father Fitness Tips

GK Reddy fitness

Vishal and his father GK Reddy tested positive of Covid 19 positive last month. They both had completely recovered in a week with the help of Ayurvedic treatment. Vishal’s father GK Reddy who is in his 80’s shared his fitness secret. Health and Exercise are the daily routines for GK Reddy to keep him fit and active even at 82. GK Reddy exercises regularly without missing a single day in a week. That is the main reason even at the age of 82, he stays very healthy and active.

GK Reddy has started a YouTube channel under his own name and gives fitness tips. He describes simple exercises that can be done at home to improve physical strength during this corona period. He has been uploading various exercises. The video also shows him exercising. He is the major inspiration for Vishal who makes a habit of exercise as his daily routine.


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