We Can Overcome COVID Situation By Being Brave – Hero Vishal

Hero Vishal

Hero Vishal stated that he is not promoting any Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicine. He only wants to let everyone know how His Father, himself, and his manager got out of COVID – 19 situations. Vishal’s Father G.K. Reddy has recovered after he tested positive recently. Vishal who helped his father in his treatment also got those symptoms and recovered. Vishal has released a video about their road to recovery.

Vishal shared his experience in the video, ” I shared a video that my Father has tested for COVID19 in June. He is 82 years old and as I personally wanted to look after him, we got him treated at home. By helping him I had the same symptoms of high temperature, cold, cough & was the same for my Manager Hari. We both were tested positive. We took Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicine under the supervision of our uncle Hari Shankar. This is not to advertise ayurvedic, homeopathy medicine. I feel responsible to let you all know how my father, myself and my manager fought it and got out of it using this medicine. I wanted to share my experience. The most important thing during these testing COVID times is to stay away from fear. We shouldn’t be afraid even though we tested positive because fear will cause a lot of consequences. Be brave and be bold. We must have faith in ourselves that we can beat it. My Father had that kind of confidence in him. I too got it from him and I said the same to my manager. This is the main reason for our recovery and we three came out of it in three weeks. I thank my Uncle Doctor Hari Shankar. His treatment and medicines helped us a lot especially for my Dad who is 82.

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We undergo a lot of experiences in life and It was an experience for me. We usually do a lot of videos regarding films and I feel it is my responsibility to do this video. The main reason for this video is to pass on this message to everyone. I wanted this to reach out to as many people as possible. It’s not like I am against Doctors, Hospitals, and Medicines. I see doctors as Gods. I just wanted to let everyone know that Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicine helped me. I posted the details of the medicine I took in my Twitter account. I feel it as my responsibility and duty to convey this to one and all at this point in time. Don’t be afraid of COVID. We can and we will beat this virus.”, says Vishal.


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