Young Hero Sudheer babu 2 Lakhs To Fight Corona Outbreak

Emotional Moment For Sudheer Babu

The entire world is suffering from the Corona pandemic. India has announced countrywide lockdown for 21 days. Young Hero Sudheerbabu has stepped up in these testing times to give his support to the governments fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Sudheer Babu has Announced his contribution of Rs 1 Lakh to Andhra Pradesh CM relief fund and Rs 1 Lakh to Telangana CM relief fund, A total of Rs 2 Lakhs.

Apart from his financial contribution towards corona preventive measures taken by the government, Sudheer babu step forward and given health and fitness tips to his followers. The only way to fight this virus is by washing your hands regularly and staying in isolation Sudheer babu said.


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