Bandla Ganesh’s Impressive Act In ‘Degala Babji’ Trailer Fetches Big Offers


Bandla Ganesh’s Impressive Act In ‘Degala Babji’ Trailer Catches The Attention Of OTT Giants… Theatrical Release Very Soon

A well-known actor and Popular producer who made films with almost all big stars, Bandla Ganesh, is debuting as a hero with ‘Degala Babji’. Directed by newcomer Venkat Chandra, the film is presented by Rishi Agastya of Yash Rishi Films and produced by Swathi Chandra. For the first time in Telugu, The film has been made as a thriller with a single character in a single location.

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Recently the trailer of ‘Degala Babji’ was unveiled by Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh. The sharply cut trailer rises a lot of curiosity about the film. Bandla Ganesh who is shown as a suspect in a murder case impresses with his intense and emotional activity in the trailer. Dialogues are striking. Bandla Ganesh impresses by showing much-needed variations while uttering emotional dialogues. It is coming to known that popular streaming OTT’s are pretty much interested in post-theatrical rights of Bandla Ganesh’s ‘Degala Babji’. News is that they even offered Rs 4 Crores for this film. With an apt make-over, Bandla Ganesh has delivered a superb performance in and as ‘Degala Babji’. The film is gearing up for a theatrical release very soon.


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