Excerpts From Satyadev’ Interview About His Upcoming Release Krishnamma


The movie ‘Krishnamma’ stars the versatile hero Satyadev and is directed by VV Gopalakrishna. It is produced by Krishna Kommalapati under the banner of Arunachala Creations, associated with the famous director Koratala Siva. Famous distribution companies Mythri Movie Makers and Prime Show Entertainments, known for delivering many successful films to audiences, are releasing the film on a grand scale on May 10. On this occasion, hero Satyadev spoke to the media about ‘Krishnamma’.

How did ‘Krishnamma’ begin? How did you get involved in this project?

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I joined this film towards the end when everyone else was in place. Koratala Siva garu liked it and became a presenter. Kaala Bhairava also joined. I came on board as the hero at the end. Director Gopalakrishna convinced the producer, Krishna Garu, by narrating the story. When Koratala Siva heard the story from Krishna, he liked it and agreed to become a presenter.

After watching the trailer, it seems like it’s a story involving the police and rowdies. Does Krishna, Vijayawada politics, involved?

It is often said that Vijayawada is synonymous with politics and rowdyism. However, ‘Krishnamma’ tells a different story. It is fundamentally about three friends who desire simple lives and a good family. But what happens when such dreams are shattered? That’s the story we’re telling, which does not involve rowdyism or politics.

How do you think the audience will connect with the emotions in the film?

If the audience feels compelled by what the hero does in the movie, like wanting to hit back, then they will connect with the movie. Watching this film, the audience will feel that connection as well.

Action sequences were shown in the trailer, yet you talk about friendship. How did you manage both elements in the film?

The story is primarily about life. Action sequences arise only when necessary, as a response to the hero’s suffering. But there are no gratuitous fight scenes anywhere in the film.

How did you struggle for the film role? Is it a real character or a fictional character?

For the character of Vinchipeta Bhadra, mastering the Vijayawada slang and body language as a 40-year-old man years into the storyline proved to be quite challenging. It’s different from the roles I’ve done so far. This is a fictional character based on some real events.

In a shot from the trailer where someone is being hit while planting a plant, that scene is quite novel. Could you tell me more about it?

It’s an emotional scene in the movie. In the film, a plant is grown as a symbol of letting go of revenge. However, as the plant grows, so do the grudges. The director has written this transition from the plant to the tree very effectively. It’s a powerful visual metaphor that will be best experienced in the movie. There are many such novel scenes in the film.


Did Koratala make any changes to the script?

Koratala didn’t make any changes to the script. I was surprised too. A director of his stature didn’t change the script; he completely liked it and came on board as a presenter, supporting the film.

The main theme shown in this movie involves accepting money for punishment. We have seen similar themes in many movies in the past; what sets Krishnamma apart?

The main theme shown in this movie is the idea of taking money to accept punishment. Although we have seen this concept in many movies in the past, they only touched on it briefly. However, in Krishnamma, this theme is central throughout the story. Additionally, the movie has a strong emotional undercurrent about friendship and life.

Tell us about Athira Raj and the other characters in the film.

Athira Raj and other characters in the film have been thoughtfully portrayed. Athira is the only Malayali girl in this movie; all the others are Telugu. Since we filmed in Vijayawada, we recruited many local artists. Athira brought a lot of genuine emotion to her role. She portrayed emotions akin to a Telugu girl very well. Police officer Nandagopal, Laxman Misala, Krishna, Archana, and other characters also delivered strong performances.

Will your character, Bhadra, in the film be focused solely on revenge, or will there be elements of love and romance as well?

In the film, my character Bhadra isn’t just about revenge; there is also a subplot involving a girl named Archana. It’s not a love story, but a meaningful little narrative that is crucial to the overall plot.

Does Satyadev seek out new stories? How have they benefited your career?

I’ve been drawn to new stories from the start of my career, which is why I am here. Many stories resonate with me. Even though I can’t take on every project, I strive to bring something new to the table each time. Next, I am playing a small-time criminal, then a crime comedy, followed by roles as a bank manager and an auto driver, each offering a different shade of character.

You have previously acted as a character artist and villain. Will you take on such roles again? Are opportunities coming from other industries?

In the past, I played character roles and villains, like opposite Chiranjeevi in Godfather and alongside Akshay Kumar in Ram Sethu. Since then, I haven’t received roles of that caliber. I continue to receive offers, but if they aren’t at least on par with those roles, I prefer not to accept them. I’m open to good roles in other industries as well. Opportunities are arising in Hindi and Tamil cinema, and I’ll take them up if they are appealing. I’ve done web series like God, Locked.. and would be interested in similar projects if they come along.

At the trailer launch event, Rajamouli said that you will become a star after this movie. What are your thoughts on the potential success of this movie?

At the trailer launch event, Rajamouli predicted that this film would make me a star. I believe this movie will be a big hit. Regardless of the success and stardom it may bring, I will remain true to myself and continue to make films with integrity.

Tell me about Kaala Bhairava’s music.

Kaala Bhairava’s music has been a major highlight. After watching the movie, the first thing people talk about is his intense music, which is a significant asset to our film. Kaala Bhairava is like a brother to me. The songs are also very good.

Tell us about the producer, Krishna.

Producer Krishna made the film with great passion. We shot for 60 days in Vijayawada. Although it would have been easier to shoot in Hyderabad, he supported filming in Vijayawada to maintain authenticity, sparing no expense. He is a man of few words but great action.

What is your dream role?

My dream role would be in a film like Nayagan, where I can explore new characters and appearances. I would love to take on a film like Chiranjeevi’s Aapadbhandhavudu. Let’s see if such roles come my way.

All the best, Satyadev.
Thank you.


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