I Am Lucky To Direct An Energetic Hero like Chaitu For ‘Savyasachi’ In Association With Mythri Movie Makers – Chandoo Mondeti


‘Savyasachi’ is an action entertainer Directed by Chandu Mondeti starring Yuva Samrat Akkineni Nagachaitanya Produced by Naveen Yerneni, Ravishankar Yelamanchili, Mohan Cherukuri (C.V.M) on Mythri Movie Makers banner. The film is getting ready to hit the screens worldwide on November 2nd. On this occasion DIrector, Chandoo Mondeti interacted with media. Here are some excerpts…

How did you get an idea to make a movie based on a Syndrome?

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I have read an interesting article about Vanishing Syndrome through a friend. I am surprised when I heard about the symptoms of the syndrome like how they live and how they behave? I already had a similar story in my mind. Nagachaitanya got extremely excited when I narrated the story adding Vanishing Syndrome to it. After Producers listened to the overall story, they are onboard to make a movie out of it. We went on to the sets once we developed the story completely.

How do you feel making the second movie with Chaitu?

Akkineni family is known for making iconic love stories. None of Chaitu’s films which were love stories failed at the box-office. I must mention one thing, it is common to accept and move ahead with a completely developed story. Surprisingly Chaitu encouraged me just after hearing the concept in this case.

Why do you want to project Chaitu at this angle?

Basically, I am more interested to make movies out of concepts like these. I become more motivated while writing scripts like my first movie “Karthikeya” and now “Savyasachi”. I write more and more versions for scenes while making these kinds of films. Coming to “Premam..” I strongly felt it will work out the best with a hero like Chaitu. I am more excited by thriller concepts. In “Savyasachi”, the hero has equal strength in both of his hands, but left hand behaves little different. I felt “Savyasachi” is the apt title for a story which deals with such kind of concept. When I narrated the concept, Madhavan, Bhumika, Heroine Nidhi surprised and they started knowing about persons like this and explored more about the syndrome.

As a filmmaker, are you satisfied after watching the first copy?

All the characters are very strong and we need talented actors to carry them. We thought about 4 more names along with Madhavan for Chaitu’s opposite role. Madhavan is a Pan India Actor, and he is also much popular in Tamil and Hindi. He usually likes to do peculiar movies rather than regular films. He accepted the role after listening to my narration for 45 minutes about the story. I got much confidence in the story after Madhavan was onboard. The next step is when Keeravani garu agreed to do the music after hearing the story for the first time itself and said that we should do the music according to the story only. Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao garu listened to the story and shared his opinion on what will be good at the editing table. AfFter knowing that Industry experts like them were impressed with the story, increased my confidence and gave me the assurance to move forward.

Whose idea was that to remix “Lagayithu..“ song?

Its mine only! First half of the movie will be quite entertaining while establishing all the characters. Main plot starts during the second half and will be little serious. We felt it would be good to have some relief at the point, and decided to remix song “Laggayethu..” from Nag sir’s movie “Allari Alludu”. Keeravani garu blended the song according to the latest trend, and I blended the song according to the story. The audience will feel the energy in the theaters after release. Initially, we thought to make this song with Thammanna as a special song, and later we shot with hero and heroine only.

Did you feel any difficulty to blend a different point with action in the film?

No! not at all. These are not new things, they are there in general society, we just selected them according to the story and blended them. Of course, there are few discussions happened to blend them optimally to the story.

About Nidhi Agarwal..?

When we thought about casting heroine for the movie, Bhumika got a role with great screen presence even though it is of short in length. Similarly, Madhavan, Rao Ramesh, and Vennela Kishore got very good roles. We surely wanted to have a fresh face for heroine role, and we picked Nidhi Agarwal after watching “Munna Michael”.

When can we expect sequel for Karthikeya..?

I already have an idea and a 15 min story is ready. As a director, I need more time and experience to transform such idea into a full story.

When can we expect a movie with Mr. Nagarjuna?

I have a script in place, We have to see how things work out after this film.

About Mythri Movies..?

When I narrated this story to Chaitu, we thought to make it as a simple film. But, Mythri Movie Makers made this big by bringing Madhavan, Keeravani, Bhumika, Chanti onboard. I am honored to do a film with Mythri Movie Makers.

About your next movies?

I have a couple of commitments with two production houses at the moment, none got finalized though!


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