I Am Thrilled To Hear Everyone Calling Me As ‘Khaidi’ Karthi Wherever I Go These Days – Angry Hero Karthi In Success Meet

Karthi Khaidi Success Meet

Angry Hero Karthi’s different action thriller ‘Khaidi’ Produced by SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu, Tiruppur Vivek under Dreamwarrior Pictures banner in Lokesh Kangaraj Direction was released as Diwali gift on Oct 25th. Sri Sathya Sai Arts KK Radhamohan has presented this film in Telugu states. The film received thumping response from all over and turned out to be a cult blockbuster. The film is going strength to strength day by day getting a very good response from the audience especially from women audience and reporting housefuls collections everywhere. The team held a success meet at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.

Angry Hero Karthi said, ” A big thanks to Telugu audience for making ‘Khaidi’ a grand success. People used to call me ‘Aawara’ Karthi. But, nowadays I am thrilled to hear everyone calling me ‘Khaidi’ Karthi wherever I go. The film is getting a superb response worldwide in Tamil Nadu, Kerala. After a long time, my film got released for a festival. We thought that people might ask why are you releasing a film which doesn’t have any songs and heroine for the festival. But, we believed that everyone will like the film once they watch it. Today the audience is loving the film.’ Khaidi’ has Action, Mass elements, comedy, and a heartwarming emotion, sentiment between a father and his daughter. I am very happy about doing this character and film. As I have a daughter, I am deeply connected to the character. The way Director Lokesh has written and executed the film is terrific. In the film, while there is an intense action sequence is going on involving a lorry, on the other side something interesting is happening at SP office. Director has handled the film intriguingly which makes the audience glued to their seats without blinking their eyes throughout the film. Actors and technicians have given the best output for the film. I received a call from a granny. She gave me her video review of the film. She loved the film. A Granny loving an action film is the real success. Thanks to SR Prabhu for bringing this story to me. He said to me that there is a small story which is an experimental one and asked me to listen to it. After listening to the story I told him that this is not a small film but a very big film. We wanted it to be like an English movie and made it. Today audience are saying the same thing. The audience are shouting ‘Happy Diwali’ for the gun scene during the climax. The hit sentiment of ‘Khaidi’ title is continued with this film. Thanks to Sri Sathya Sai Arts Radhamohan garu for giving the best release for the film in Telugu. My brother Suriya has watched the film two times and he praised a lot. Ravi Teja garu called and said that he wants to do a film like ‘Khaidi’. We can do more films like this with the support of the audience. Prabhu has asked me 30 days for dates to make ‘Khaidi 2’. But, this time I asked him to make it during the day instead of night. There will be ‘Khaidi 2’.”

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Presenter, Sri Sathya Sai Arts KK Radhamohan said, ” ‘Khaidi’ made this Diwali brighter. Though we are confident about the film right from the beginning, we are skeptical about how the audience will receive it as this film doesn’t have songs and heroine. But, the film got a superb response from all areas. Theatres are getting house-fulls with positive talk. Shows are getting increased in multiplexes. Karthi garu believed in Director Lokesh Kangaraj and made a new kind of film. This film once again proved that the audience will embrace the films with strong content. ‘Khaidi’ is a full meals film for this Deepavali. This is an edge of a seat thriller along with heart touching Father- Daughter sentiment. Families with Kids and everyone will enjoy this film. Thanks to SR Prabhu garu for giving me this opportunity to release this film in Telugu.”

Producer, Dreamwarrior Pictures SR Prabhu said, ” Thanks to the Telugu audience for making ‘Khaidi’ a big success. Everyone is lauding about the terrific performance of Karthi garu in the film. The film has become a huge success in Tamil too. This is a new age cinema. The way the audience are embracing this film has increased confidence in us. Thanks to Radhamohan garu for releasing this film in Telugu.”


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