Superstar Mahesh Awareness About Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam


Superstar Mahesh Babu shared a video this morning which portrayed his traumatic experiences of suffering from migraine and how he is feeling relieved by the Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidhyam done by Dr. Satya Sindhuja. This special interview was hosted by Suma and Dr. Sindhuja has graced the interview.

Mahesh revealed that he is suffering from migraine for a long time and explained how he was attacked by severe headaches while shooting for his films. Apparently, he has consulted many doctors but all of them have declared it as a lifelong problem and asked him to depend on the temporarily reliving pain killers.

He got to know about Dr. Sindhuja and her Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidhyam about a four-month back through his wife Namrata. Since then, he is undergoing treatment under the supervision of Sindhuja and he stated that he is feeling relieved after these four months of treatment. Chakrasiddh Vaidhyam is an Ayurvedic way of healing health issues and Dr. Sindhuja is a specialist in the profession. Mahesh Babu thanks Dr. Sathya Sindhuja who is the Chief Healer at Chakrasiddh, for treating him on migraine without any Medication.


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