Pantham Movie Review


Title :Pantham
CBFC Rating :
Run-Time :
2 Hrs 25 Mins
Release Date :
Banner :
Sri Sathya Sai Arts
Cast :
Gopichand, Mehreen, Sampath, Mukesh Rushi, Ajay, Hamsa Nandini, SrinivasReddy, Prudhvi and Others
Music :
Prasad Murella
Producer :

Story :

Vikranth Surana ( Gopichand) is a multimillionaire cum robinhood. He is after the money of Ministers. Why is Vikranth after them and what he does with the money?

Performances :

Gopichand is fantastic as a super-rich guy who turns into a robinhood. The character arc is tailer made for him and the actor makes full use of it. Gopichand is fantastic in action scenes and his emotional outburst in the end is sure to leave an impact.

Mehreen Pirzada looks lovely in a girl next door character. In the songs, it is quite opposite with her glamour avatar. She rocks both the variations.

Sampath plays the usual villain role with ease providing fun at the same time. Mukesh Rishi, Ajay and Hamsa Nandini appear briefly.

Comedy is handled adequately by Prudhvi and Srinivas Reddy. The rest of the actors have limited scope to shine.



Racy Screenplay



Rich Production Values


Gets predictable at times


Pantham is a racy commercial entertainer subject that is perfect for a mass hero like Gopichand. Director K Chakravarthy is successful in the first step itself in picking a right script. However, the biggest hurdle is the execution. On this front, Chakravarthy succeeds mostly aided by grand production values.

The robbery sequences are thrilling and neatly handled by the first time director. It adds to the commercial value of the movie. The entertainment in the plot coke through the comedy and love tracks. The former is fine, but the latter disappoints. The interval bang is nice and increases the audience interest.

The second half maintains the momentum in initial sequences and soon moves to the flashback. It is very critical for the movie and Chakravarthy handles key scenes well. Post the flashback, the climax is superb with powerful dialogues given to the hero. Overall, Pantham is a passable masala entertainer for the masses.

Gopisundar has done a neat job with the music even though there is no big scope. Prasad Murella’s cinematography is superb. The editing could have been better. Producer KK RadhaMohan who is known for delivering Succesful films like ‘Emaindi Ee Vela’,’Adhinetha’,’Bengal Tiger’ needs to be appreciated for believing in the subject and helping it get mounted on a lavish scale. Rich Production values are evident especially in Action sequences and Songs. It is the biggest budget movie in Gopichand’s career and that is felt in every frame while watching.

Bottom-Line: Grand Mass Entertainer

Rating: 3/5


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