‘Ram Asur’ Gets Wonderful Response On Amazon Prime


Films with good content are always well-received by the audience, whether it’s a theatrical outing or on the OTT platform. Venkatesh Triparna directed Ram Asur starring Abhinav Sardhar and Ram Karthik joins the list. The film that was released in theatres to good response was released on Amazon Prime as a Sankranthi treat. The movie has been getting wonderful response from the audience. The makers are happy with the massive response for the movie.

Venkatesh Triparna showcased all his talents in the rural backdrop film on the subject of diamond. The film was made in a way that normal audience feel thrilled all through, due to unique concept and engaging narration. The good and bad concept in current era with the elements which will connect well to audience, Ram Asur was made an engaging thriller with Bheems Ceciroleo music and background score as big assets. Well, Abhinav Sardhar who is known for his versatility has reached next level stardom with this movie. He has been winning accolades for his wonderful performance as Suri. He is being referred as Tollywood Yash by Telugu audience.

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Director Venkatesh Triparna also produced the movie in association with Abhinav Sardhar under ASP Media House and GV Ideas as Production No.1. Alongside Abhinav Sardhar, Ram Karthik, Chandini Tamilarasan and Sherry Agarwal played heroines, while Shaani Salmon appeared in an important role.

It’s a unique feat that the film that got exceptional response in theatres is getting same response on OTT platform as well which boosted confidence in the team to come up with novel ideas.


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