Ram Charan Completely Involved In #Chiru152


Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming movie Acharya filming in the direction of Koratala Siva is kept on hold for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic and also considering the health of the #Chiru152 unit members who work continuously for the smooth run of shooting. Director Koratala Siva have obliged to the request made by Chiranjeevi to stop filming of Chiru152 and stopped the regular filming until things fall back to normal. In the meanwhile news about Mega Powerstar Ramcharan and his Konidela Production Company staying away without any involvement in the production process of Acharya circulated in social media.

Matinee Entertainment that is co-producing Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 152nd film along with Ram Charan’s Konidala Production Company has given a clarification about this issue. Matinee Entertainment banner mentioned that Mega Powerstar Ramcharan along with Konidela Production Company is fully, equally involved in all the production-related discussions, monetary contributions and both the production houses sharing the work equally for Acharya movie. Producer Niranjan Reddy confirmed that everything is going as per the plan that is discussed earlier between both the production houses and mutual duties, responsibilities are shared equally for #Chiru152 film by Matinee Entertainment and Konidela Production Company.

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Ram Charan Completely Involved In Chiru152


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