Venkatesh Shares Nostalgic Picture

Venky Mama

Victory Venkatesh Unconditional love towards his nephew Naga Chaitanya is witnessed to everyone in promotions of Venky Mama movie and even he expressed it on multiple occasions.

Both Victory Venkatesh fans and Akkineni fans are eagerly waiting to watch the magic of real-life mama allude in Venky Mama movie today.

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A positive talk is heard from the overseas market about Venky Mama and the same heard from the early morning shows in both the Telugu states.

Venkatesh shared a nostalgic picture that has the chubby Naga Chaitanya in it along with an emotional message in his social media account. Venkatesh Daggubati posted in his Instagram along with a nostalgic picture as

“Verified We miss you today Nanna! Venky Mama is now all yours. Go watch it in your nearest theatre and please don’t encourage piracy. #venkymamafromtoday #venkymama”


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