“We are extremely happy working with Chaitanya for “Savyasachi” – Naveen Yerneni, Yelamanchali Ravishankar, Cherukuri Mohan (CVM)


Mythri Movie Makers gained extraordinary fame and established their brand by delivering hattrick blockbusters with Sreemanthudu, JanathaGarage, and Rangasthalam. Producers Naveen Yerneti, Yelamanchali Ravishankar, Cherukuri Mohan (CV.M) are getting ready for a double hattrick with a different action entertainer “Savyasachi”. While the movie is hitting theaters on 2nd November across the globe, a quick chitchat with producers…

You usually don’t do media interactions much, what’s so special now?

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Even though we are successful movie makers, and have expertise in producing movies, we feel the facing press is a challenge as we are not much used to it.

We see you as a team of producers! Who will listen to the stories among you and accept?

We never listen to the story together sitting at one place. We usually listen separately. Though we listen to the story separately, we collectively make the decision to okay the story. We never asked the directors to change their script or a storyline as of now. We were lucky that all the three stories that our directors brought to us were great.

Lucky enough to continue success, do you think the same will be continued?

It will not be true if anyone thinks that way. We are doing our due diligence in selecting stories & crew. We have confidence in our experience in the industry and with that, we are moving ahead. Rest is based on audience choice.

When did you hear from Chandoo Mondeti about this subject?

We started the shoot in November, that means he told 2 months before that. Chandoo narrated the storyline to Chaitu during Premam days only. however, it was brought to us in September last year.

How was your experience with Naga Chaitanya?

It was happy and quite comfortable working with him. He is so flexible and we are very much happy working with him for this film.

How do you feel when Chaitanya said he wants to work with you again and again?

Even we wanted to do a love story with him, it is a pleasure working with Chaitu.

Did anyone of you have previous experience in producing movies?

We initially started with the overseas business of movies, we all are from Vijayawada, same batch and with 20+ years of friendship. Film production may be new to us, however, we have experience in distribution at overseas.

Have you met Madhavan and told the storyline?

Yes, He accepted the film immediately when we narrated the story to him. Most of his movies were dubbed into Telugu and all Telugu people know him well. After hearing this storyline, he might have felt to do a straight Telugu movie once, hence accepted the role.

Did Madhavan make any special homework for this movie?

We don’t think he needs any of that sort. He just improvised scenes on the set.

What is the most attracting point in this Story?

We were excited about the syndrome angle in the story. One of the hands of a person behaving differently is quite interesting, however, the whole film is not the only action oriented. It is blended with good entertainment in the first half.

Do you think the movie budget went high because of your banner?

We don’t think so, we spent according to the film and where ever it is most required.

Why did you drop off from the idea of having a special song with Tamannaah?

We felt the whole story track is getting sidetracked if we shoot this one song with Tamannaah. Even Chandoo felt that the special song may not fit in the overall plot, hence we dropped off from the idea.

Why is the movie with Trivikram Srinivas getting late?

Nothing like that, we are just working on the storyline and its details. Just wait for a little more time.

How are you able to make the people work with you again and again?

We are happy with everyone who is working with us, and they are also happy working with Mythri Movie Makers. We strongly believe there will be one more movie with Chandoo

It seems you are making movies with Sai Dharam Tej and his brother?

It’s been a long time we were working on a storyline with Sai & Vaishnav, Buchibabu (Story writer of Rangastalam), it got materialized recently and will be starting in Dec 2018. We were already in the middle of working with Sukumar.

You have 14 movies in the pipeline

It’s not about how many films are under planning, it’s about how many of them are currently in shooting phase does matter. We are releasing Savyasachi on 2nd Nov, then we have Amar Akbar Anthony,  Dear Comrade and maybe Chitralahari would be in shoot..so at any point of time, we will have 2 or three films on sets.

Who among you will look after the production department more?

We have a great team along with Ravi who is always working in the sets. We have our CEO Cherry also there.. mostly we both will be there for 6 months.

You used to be big players in overseas, shall we assume you left it off?

Yes, not doing much in overseas distribution nowadays. There are other players like Great India etc. were doing overseas. It is getting difficult to have movies on sets and looking after distribution at overseas, hence we are more focusing on production nowadays.

When do you think you will start Sukumar Movie?

Most probably in April or May 2019.

Do you have any movies planned with Nani in the pipeline?

Yes, we have one.

About  Santhosh Srinivas Movie

It will start in November.

Are you planning any low budget movies?

Yes obviously, we will be starting a movie in the next 10 days with Rithesh (Director) costing 89 lacs projected budget. However, we allocated 1Cr for it.

Do you see any fundamental difference in making a movie with Star Hero vs a small movie?

Yes, there will be a budget difference. We will get recovery in a week from a star hero movie, and from a small movie it may take 10 days. However, both categories will have their own budgets and risks.

Are you releasing Savyasachi in Tamil as well?

No. we are not. Madhavan is a big hero there, and we don’t want to release in Tamil. May impact his fan base.

Are there 5 movies next year?

Not exactly, movies started in this year may fall in next year too… like that we will keep doing movies continuously based on stories and crew availability. It’s not like a target of x number of movies in a year.

Are you planning any own studios?

We are still quite young and still learning in the industry. We don’t have such ideas as of now.

Mythri Movies has its own brand, why are you associating with other production houses?

It is common in this industry, if you look at Suresh Productions, Vyjayanthi movies, they are also making movies by associating with others.

When are you planning your next movie with NTR?

After Rajamouli movie that he is currently busy with.

Are you planning any programs on the small screen?

Not at the moment. Amazon asked us to collaborate long back, our team is working on it but not in near time.


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