‘Tees Maar Khan’ Receives Critical Accolades


Renowned businessman Dr. Nagam Tirupathi Reddy has produced the movie Tees Maar Khan prestigiously as the production number 3 under the banner of Vision Cinemas. Aadi Saikumar and Payal Rajput played the lead roles. This movie was directed by the very talented Kalyanji Gogana who entertained the audience with his different story and stylish making. The film was released grandly on August 19th and has been getting good reception from all the corners.

Critics are also praising the movie. The common opinion is that Tees Maar Khan appeals to mass audience. Aadi Saikumar’s exceptional performance, attitude and action turned out to be major highlights. Payal Rajput’s glamor treat was other big attraction. The reviews are positive and encouraging. Many are of the opinion that Tees Maar Khan is a mass and commercial entertainer. Sai Kartheek’s music and background are praised as other major asset. Bal Reddy’s top-notch cinematography has taken the film to another level.

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Producer Dr. Nagam Tirupathi Reddy has mounted the movie on large scale without compromising on budget. In fact, every rupee he spent on the movie was visible on screen. The movie gives a new experience to mass audience.


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